General Orders

The Hungarian Food Shop is the online available product catalogue of the G’Roby NetShop Ltd. (1097 Budapest, Bárd street 2.; Tax number: 10763942-2-43), that offers foods products distributed by Hungarian Food Shop. Purchase contract has been reached by electronic placing an order through the webshop between Hungarian Food Shop and the private individual or company (in the following: customer) under the conditions described in this document. The purchase contract is considered as a contract concluded in writing by Hungarian Food Shop that is filed on the order number and stored for one year from the date of fulfilling the order. The customer accepts the conditions of this contract by finalizing his order. The Hungarian Food Shop declares that has all the authority licenses needed for the operation of webshop, sale of products as well as the delivery function.


Identification of contracting parties

The purchase is made between the G’Roby NetShop Ltd. (1097 Budapest, Bárd street 2.; Tax number: 10763942-2-43) as seller and the private individual or company placing an order, as customer. The G’Roby NetShop Ltd. is responsible only for orders placed from the online catalogue on the website identified well recognizable with the company logo and data. The Customer gives his purchasing data by filling in the registration form, and he is able to modify them at any time when placing orders and Hungarian Food Shop fulfils orders and makes out the bill according to that. The Customer has to take every responsibility for damages arising out of incorrect or false data. Hungarian Food Shop is entitled to delete the clearly erroneous or false registrations, and to check the authenticity of the Customer in case of doubt.


Prices and product information

The price found in the product list and on the product data sheet of the Hungarian Food Shop page is the final retail price of the product. Its validity refers only to the date of publishing. If the Customer places an order for a product, the seller commits himself to deliver the chosen product to the Customer at the final retail price valid when placing the order. This price is included in the confirmation sent after the order has been placed. The price of the products is debited with the cost of packing (bottles and boxes) belong to them too.

The base, security and consumption information of the product is represented on the data sheets of the product in the webshop which help the pre-orientation. The package of the product purchased (received) by the customer has all the information that are typical of the product regarding its ingredients, use and consumption. The Customer is bound to thoroughly read and learn these information after receipt of goods.

If an order or orders will be modified for any reason, the conditions valid at the date of modification will apply to the modified order.


Responsibilities of Hungarian Food Shop

Information about the operation and delivery can be found in the delivery information menu of the webshop. Hungarian Food Shop takes responsibility that the above described is its own duty to keep and does its best to fulfil them.


Responsibilities of Customer

The Customer notes that placing an order is qualified as an offer on his part and he is obliged to keep it. The Customer accepts this contract by confirming his order(s) and if he does not follow these rules, he commits a breach of contract and he has to take legal responsibility for it. The Customer undertakes that he takes care of the receipt and payment of the ordered products according to the delivery and payment methods chosen by him. If the delivery of the consignment fails through the fault of the Customer, he has to pay the additional charges originated from it to Hungarian Food Shop.


The scope of the contract

This contract comes into effect by the orders confirmation and will be closed after the order fulfilment. In case of regular orders the contract remains in force until all demands of the contract parties on each side are fulfilled. The Hungarian Food Shop system provides every valid order automatically with order identifying number that can be read on the page after the confirmation or in the confirmation e-mail sent to the address given by the Customer. Only orders provided with order identifying number are valid.

Orders will be confirmed by our on-line shop either immediately or within 48 hours after the order have been placed. The purchase contract is reached after having been confirmed. In case of our on-line shop does not confirm the order, the Customer is exempted from his offer obligation.


The right to cancel the purchase

The Customer is entitled to desist from the order (return of the purchased goods) within 14 days from receipt of the goods according to the legal provisions in force. The claim of desist has to be arrived at our Customer service as far as the end of the 14th days. The Customer does not have to give the reason of desist. The Customer is required to pay the costs of return, but in case of accepting the desist the total amount of the order (including the delivery fee) can be paid back to the Customer. The Customer can exercise the right of desist in case of incorruptible and returnable products and if the goods will be returned unharmed. The opened outside package does not keep out the integrity. The return of the goods can be personally too, after making an appointment with the customer service. Or the validate of the desist can happen at the delivery of the next order. The difference amount will be cleared in cash after the return of the goods, in maximum 15 days after the acceptance of the desist.


Complaints handling

The aim of our webshop is to fulfil all orders in proper quality to the full satisfaction of the Customer. In case the Customer has a problem regarding the purchase contract or the fulfilment of his order, he can make a complaint on our website under the menu point „Who we are” or he can mail to Our webshop will examine complaints within 30 days from the date of receipt and will reply to the Customer on the same way informing him about the results of the examination and in case of refusal what legal remedies are available to the customer.


Customer dispute

If you would like to conduct and settle the consumer dispute online, you can do this on the website of online Dispute Resolution at


The Civil Code and the rules of law relating to e-commerce and entering into contract between absenter are authoritative in questions that are not regulated in this present contract and its accompanying documents.